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31 August 2015
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Gluk’oZa in the “Diva of the Year” nomination of the “Woman of 2015” award according to Glamour magazine.

Support Gluk’oZa, follow the link below and vote! http://www.glamour.ru/promotions/woty2015/vote. The results will be announced at the ceremony on November 10, 2015.
31 August 2015
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On September 5th, Gluk’oZa will perform at the birthday celebration of Sosnovo city! The performance will begin at 21:00.
31 August 2015
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Gluk'oZa on the cover of the new August 20, 2015 issue of “OK!” magazine.
21 August 2015
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Is Gluk’oZa changing her profession? 
Just recently Gluk’oZa released a pilot episode of her own beauty vlog. The idea has been cooking in the singer’s head for a while, and has already generated positive feedback from the viewers – only one day after the video’s upload on the Internet it received over 300 comments and ideas for future video topics. Now, once a week – on Fridays – on her official YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/GlukozaTV the singer will share her beauty secrets with the fans.

Gluk’oZa devoted the pilot episode to her favorite beauty products and exposed the secrets of her everyday make-up look. After some opening remarks, Natalia appeared before the viewers free of any make-up, which, in fact, caused a whirlwind of compliments online. In the first video Natalia shares some female beauty tricks, such as mixing together several shades of foundation to reach the ideal skin tone, replacing some special eyebrow gel with simple hair spray, and visually demonstrates how to contour your nose with an ordinary correcting bronzer.

The artist has prepared many diverse topics for the future episodes and will shock her fans with revelations that are not mentioned in public (for example, Natalia preserves her hairstyle overnight with the help of a hairnet)…

Gluk’oZa: One day I understood that there’s a new profession blossoming inside of me, but my love for the singing career doesn't allow me to devote myself professionally to this new field. Although I would really enjoy doing that, there is simply not enough time (as I would have to take special courses and internships on a regular basis). I love doing make-up and hairstyles for my girlfriends, offering them to try something new. Some of them were so impressed with the result of my creativity that they motivated me to create my own beauty blog. That is how I decided to start my own beauty vlog, where I will share my special tips – on beauty, new products and other girl stuff. This idea matured very naturally, since I am always surrounded by new make-up, which my make-up artist friends tell me about. Sometimes I have to change my look several times per day and, therefore, I know how to make these transformations less painful for the skin. I realized that there is a lot of information inside of me and felt like sharing it. But not from a professional point of view (after all, I am not a make-up artist), but rather from a practical one. That’s why the vlog topics themselves will be extremely diverse – ranging from tips on everyday make-up transformation to tips on the usage of baby soap instead of expensive make-up remover. Basically, everything that I use in real life, which has been tested and proved to be much more effective than all those bright jars that are commercially imposed. If we put aside everything that I do by virtue of my profession, then behind the scenes is just a woman who likes feeling beautiful, who likes everything beautiful around her, who is interested and loves trying everything new, loves instagram, fashion magazines and simply to behold the work of hair and make-up professionals. And why should I be ashamed of that, as if a singer and an actress can’t realize her potential in some new field?...

To watch Beauty-Vlog #1 (pilot):
11 August 2015
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Today (July 28) at 15:30 watch Gluk'oZa guest star in Russian MusicBox #VKontakteLIVE with her music video premiere of "Sing to me, wind".

28 July 2015
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Gluk’oZa’s new music video «Sing to me, wind».

The release of the dance track “Sing to me, wind” marked the beginning of Gluk’oZa’s summer. And now the Max Fadeev Production Center (#ПЦМФ) is presenting a music video of the same name. As is tradition, the author of the music and lyrics is the artist’s star mentor.

Just recently Gluk’oZa presented her new track “Sing to me, wind”, the premiere of which took place in the beginning of this summer. The song’s screen adaptation happened soon after the release. The shooting of Gluk’oZa’s new video product took place in Spain and lasted for a period of two days.

The music video recounts the unforgettable day of a natural photographer, a beautiful girl who stumbles upon a map fragment and sets out on a fascinating journey over the most scenic sites of Catalonia and the Pyrenees. The entire route’s length was a total of 7001 kilometers!

The location for the video shoot was not selected at random. Gluk’oZa’s love for Spain goes way back. It is in this country – in Marbella – that the singer gave birth to the two most important treasures of her life – her daughters. In this video the viewer gets to know the non-touristic side of the Kingdom of Spain – the main scenes take place in the outskirts of the picturesque town of Vallfogona de Ripolles.

Following the lure of the wind, the explorer searches for map fragments on rugged cliffs and in picturesque corners of the city. On her way she meets: a wild bison, pheasants, horses. She even ventures to a waterfall that is located in the volcano’s crater. Everything is authentic here, like the bridge that was paved more than 300 years ago and had never undergone any renovation.

The beautiful mountainous region with impressive precipitous cliffs and sceneries of ethereal beauty transfers the viewers into a breathtaking journey. Everyone will find what they are looking for here. And to find out what treasures the singer is searching for, the viewers will have to watch the new music video.

Gluk’oZa: This song is the anthem of my summer. All of my tenderness and love is in it! I travelled to Spain for the first time for my honeymoon. We came here by boat with my husband and spent only one day. But I fell in love with the country from the first sight! What attracts me most in the Spanish lifestyle is its general relaxation: no one is in a rush and everyone is always in a good mood! And I always want to share that with my viewers!

It’s a light, beautiful story that tells how much your day can change if you choose to venture slightly off route. – comments the director of the music video Stanislav Morozov. – Natasha is an amazing person – extremely professional, friendly and charming. I really enjoyed working together with her on this video.

To watch the music video:
24 July 2015
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On this Saturday (July 25) at 14:00 watch the televised version of Gluk'oZa's live concert "NowBoi" on the TV channel "Channel One Music".

23 July 2015
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