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Today, on July 29, Gluk’oZa will once again grace Muz-TV with her presence and tell us of our country’s hottest hits, exactly as was selected by you! 
Don’t miss Russian Chart at 19:00!

29 July 2016
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On Monday (July 25) Gluk'oZa in the program "VKontakte Live" on the channel Russian Musicbox! Starting time is at 15:30. Watch it live on the website.

25 July 2016
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Gluk'oZa's song "I Will Be a Secret" can now be heard on the New Radio (98,4 FM in Moscow).

25 July 2016
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Tomorrow (July 22) at 16:00 a LIVE video chat with Gluk'oZa will be live on the Muz-TV website. Don't miss it! 

21 July 2016
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Today, July 21, Gluk'oZa will be live on the radio station Strana FM! Don't miss the program "Concert Hall" at 18:00. Watch the show live on the website: www.strana.fm. The radio station frequency in Moscow is 89,9 FM.

21 July 2016
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Watch Gluk'oZa's music video "I Will Be a Secret" now playing on the TV Channel Russian Musicbox.

18 July 2016
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Gluk'oZa's music video "I Will Be a Secret" is now playing on the TV channel Muz-TV!

18 July 2016
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The Maxim Fadeev Production Center presents Gluk'oZa's new music video «I Will Be a Secret».

 Recently another video work of the popular Russian singer Gluk'oZa to the song “I Will Be a Secret” was released. The video premiere took place on Maxim Fadeev's official channel on YouTube     
As for television, the music video could first be viewed by the channel viewers of Muz TV and TNT Music. 
Recently, Gluk'oZa, on the day of her 30th birthday (June 7), presented her new track«I Will Be a Secret». No time was wasted in then creating the video adaptation of the song. The shooting of Gluk'oZa's new video work took place in Moscow over the time span of two days. 
The first part was already filmed last year – on December 31st in the “Serednikovo” manor, while the outdoors shooting, without which it would be impossible to convey the mood and the enthusiasm of the music video, took place in June. 
The summery, perky, fun, but at the same time very sentimental and sensual video complemented the message of the song «I Will Be a Secret» in the best way possible. The location of the shooting played a substantial role in the creation of the music video’s mood – the yacht club «Admiral» and the restaurant Don David. 
«Personally, the scenery and the atmosphere of this place transpose me to the coast of Spain or to any other sunny part of the world. You would never guess that it’s Moscow in these shots», - the singer pointed out. 
The mood of the music video is very light and danceable. This mood is largely the merit of Natalia’s dance teacher, Vladimir Aleshin (dancing school of Evgeniy Papunaishvili «SHTEP»). It is in fact Vladimir who showed the singer the contemporary style known as Contemporari. For the first time ever, the viewer saw him in Natalia’s performance in the music video «Warm Me Up». Incidentally, it was Vladimir Aleshin who performed the main male role in the new video work. 
«I have been regularly taking dance lessons for more than a year already. During this time they have become an essential part of my life. For me, dance is an embodiment of youth, beauty, constant movement and, of course, love, passion», - the new singer comments on her new interest. 
In her new work Natalia wants to convey to all women the idea that even after many years of marriage you should still try to remain a mystery for your beloved man, try to surprise him every day, maintaining passion in your relationship. And at the same time, remain best friends, have fun and goof around together, without worrying about making a fool of yourself.
15 July 2016
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