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Gluk'oZa and Alexander Chistyakov on the cover of OK! Magazine. On sale from May 12.

13 May 2016
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Support Gluk'oZa in the “battle of dresses” on the website:

11 May 2016
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Gluk'oZa on the cover of the new issue of the "Hudeem pravilno" magazine, May 2016. Already on sale!

5 May 2016
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On April 24 the V Charity Dance Marathon was held at the exclusive venue Stadium Live. Over 1000 fun and active people with or without physical disabilities gathered together to not only jam with the stars, but also help the participants of the «Best Buddies» fund programs. The country’s most popular artists performed for the guests, while dance master classes were led by Moscow’s best choreographers. 
A special guest, the friendship ambassador of the «Best Buddies» fund Natalia Ionova-Chistyakova (Gluk’oZa) performed her famous songs for the Marathon participants and addressed the audience, reminding them of the Marathon’s ideas and goals: «All people, regardless of whether they have physical disabilities or not, love to dance! That is why every year I, together with everyone else, eagerly wait for the Marathon: it’s a great opportunity to be part of such a large-scale event, meet new people and, maybe even find a real friend. That is what constitutes the main goal of the «Best Buddies» fund’s work.
The evening ended with the «Best Buddies» flash mob dance that brought together the marathon participants and united the friendly and passionate group of guests even more.
The «Best Buddies» fund team and all the Dance marathon participants created an incredible celebration of dance and kindness! As a reminder, all the collected funds will go towards the implementation of socialization programs for people with developmental disabilities.

28 April 2016
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Yesterday, on April 18, the ceremonial awarding of the winners of the “Most Stylish in Russia – according to Hello!” award took place. Gluk’oZa was presented in two different nominations, but received the prized statuette in the nomination “Self-made Woman”. The winner in each nomination was determined by the readers who voted for the candidates. Amongst the declared contenders for victory were powerful, ambitious and talented women who not only succeeded professionally but, also, did so while demonstrating an impeccable sense of style – Alexandra Savelieva, Pelageya, Polina Gagarina, Elena Podkaminskaya and Natalia Podolskaya.
Gluk’oZa shared her feelings after receiving the award: 
I woke up completely happy. Awards and prizes are all relative things, but it’s so pleasant to realize how many people gave their votes for you! Yesterday on the “Most Stylish in Russia according to HELLO! – 2016” ceremony I was awarded in the nomination Self-made Woman. This victory would never have been possible without my team, without the Maxim Fadeev Production Center, without the support of my loving family and, of course, my fans! A special thank you goes out to the magazine “Hello!” and personally to Svetlana Bondarchuk for her faith in me, for the annual nominations and her interest in my artistic and personal life!

21 April 2016
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Support Gluk’oZa in the nomination for the best female music video in the “MUZ-TV award 2016. Energy of the future”. 
Vote for the music video “Sing to me, wind” on the website: http://premia.muz-tv.ru/voting/
The results of the vote will be announced on June 10th in the Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex!

21 April 2016
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Let’s support Gluk’oZa in Russia’s Most Stylish competition according to the magazine HELLO! in the Self-made woman category. Send your SMS to the number 5577: HELLO 172 or vote on the website hello.ru!

8 April 2016
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Gluk’oZa on the cover of the new issue of “Beauty and Health” magazine, April 2016. 
Already on sale! “Beauty and Health”, April 2016.


5 April 2016
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